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Tracy Mason, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Dr. Tracy Mason has 20 years of practice experience in the field of psychology. She has the ability to quickly establish rapport with her clients, thus leading them to improved emotional health and well-being. Dr. Mason works with a variety of clients, with particular focus on the adolescent, adult and geriatric populations. Her specialties include mood disorders such as Major Depressive Disorder and Bipolar Disorder, Anxiety, Phobias and Panic Disorders, Domestic Violence, Women’s issues, Codependency, Adolescent issues, Self-Mutilation and Adjustment Disorders.

Dr. Mason incorporates a range of therapeutic treatments, tailoring treatment to the individual needs of each client. Psychological approaches include Educational, Cognitive-Behavioral, Client-Centered, Psychodynamic, Individual & Family Therapy.

Dr. Tracy Mason received her undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Oregon in 1996. She received her Masters degree in General Psychology from California State University, Los Angeles in 1999. Additionally, she attended the California School of Professional Psychology – Los Angeles campus, where she obtained a second Masters degree in Clinical Psychology (2001) and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (2003).

Dr. Mason is currently licensed as a Psychologist in the state of California. PSY20438

Norrette Lohr-Thierry, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist


I believe each of us holds many strengths that can become hidden by life circumstances. To ease our pain or stress, we may try to cope in ways that, overtime, defeat our best efforts. Whether you’re in a difficult relationship, isolating from others, have lost a loved one, or if you are suffering from anxiety or chronic pain, I would like to help you find greater balance, and a higher quality of life through understanding, healing support, and cognitive awareness. Together, we can work to find or restore a healthier, lighter, more productive you.
I specialize in the following areas: Teaching communication skills to individuals and couples who struggle to relate productively; Anxiety and depression; Chronic pain/medical concerns; Adolescent issues; Women’s issues; Grief; Post traumatic stress; Life transitions for all ages.
Deep relaxation techniques and hypnotherapy are additional tools I sometimes use that can be beneficial. In addition, I have worked extensively with teachers and medical professionals experiencing work-related and personal stress.

Dr. Thierry is currently licensed as a Psychologist in the state of California: PSY15086

Fahmina Hasin, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Fahmina Hasin is a licensed clinical Psychologist who works with a variety of populations including children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. In her therapeutic work, Dr. Hasin takes an integrative approach and draws from psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, and humanistic approaches. She is interested in exploring how clients’ past experiences may influence their current functioning as well as the interconnectedness of a client’s thoughts, moods, behaviors, and physical reactions. Dr. Hasin believes that a strong therapeutic relationship can facilitate growth and self-development. Dr. Hasin has confidence in Clients’ capacities within themselves to solve life’s problems and her role as a therapist is to help bringing awareness to their capacities. Her clinical interests include depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual abuse, grief and loss, relationship issues, multiculturalism, acculturation, parenting, and women’s issues. Dr. Hasin received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from UCLA and Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP). She has experience working in diverse settings, including university counseling, group homes, school counseling, and community mental health clinics.

Dr. Hasin is currently licensed as a Psychologist in the state of California. PSY27760


Rachele Murray, MFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Rachel Murray is a licensed marriage family therapist and a 500 hr registered yoga teacher. She received her MS in counseling from Cal State Fullerton in 2002 and became licensed in 2009. Rachel has a strong interest in the mind body connection and finding healing, health and wellbeing through physical practices like yoga and deep breathing. Rachel has come to believe through her observations in working in various outpatient settings, that many are struggling to the extent that they have lost touch with or have an impaired relationship to the Self –wether it be through early conditioning, a deficient or painful family of origin experience or trauma.
Rachel seeks to give clients a safe space within which to begin to explore into aspects of their self experience that are often disregarded or pushed out of awareness so that they may begin to find a fuller, more whole version of themselves. For some , this may ultimately lead to a decrease in the experiences of anxiety and depression. Rachel takes a predominantly psychodynamic/relational approach so that the clients patterns of relating can be given emphasis as they begin to emerge in the client therapist relationship.
Having worked in a variety of outpatient settings for most of her career, Rachel has had a great deal of experience working with clients suffering from anxiety and depression. As a result, she has become well versed in the applications of Cognitive Behavioral therapy. This approach assists clients with identifying maladaptive and distorted thoughts often related to negative core beliefs they hold about themselves. Rachel believes in helping client’s to identify and refute and dismantle the negative core beliefs that may be keeping them stuck and preventing them from enjoying healthy self esteem and a full range of experiences.

Rachel Murray is currently licensed as a marriage and family therapist in the state of California. LMFT 50338


Janine Schroth, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist


Janine Schroth is a licensed psychologist who earned her PhD from UCLA. Dr. Schroth works extensively with individuals experiencing symptoms of anxiety, OCD, depression, trauma and PTSD. Her training and experience in cognitive based therapy, positive neuroplasticity and mindfulness-based approaches help give clients tools and methods that enhance their well-being and resiliency. Stress, an unavoidable reality in life, and how it’s handled, is shown to be a major factor in quality and success in life. Enhancing this ability often times includes strengthening skills that underlie resiliency, such as awareness, adaptability, self-regulation, relationship with self and others, sense of purpose, flexibility of mind, and a sense of agency. Often times we know what we want to do, but are stuck in neurobiological patterns created over the course of our lives. Fortunately, we are not locked in forever to these habits of mind and body. We can break out and develop new adaptive patterns that lead to success and well-being. There is hope. Dr. Schroth’s work is informed by a wide range of cutting edge research in brain and behavior, cognitive behavioral mindfulness training and psychosomatic and behavioral medicine. Dr. Schroth is certified by the American Academy of Experts in traumatic stress, and is also is a board member of Straight Talk, a behavioral health organization in Orange County providing counseling, parenting classes, and residential rehabilitation for those suffering from substance abuse.

Dr. Schroth is currently licensed as a Psychologist in the state of California. PSY13039


Melinda Douangratdy, Psy.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
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Dr. Melinda Douangratdy completed her doctoral degree in 2016 at the Hawaii School of Professional Psychology and is now a licensed Clinical Psychologist in California. She believes in an individualized approach to psychotherapy that includes unconditional positive regard, being nonjudgmental, and believing in a client’s capacity for personal growth. Dr. Douangratdy completed her postdoctoral training at VA Palo Alto Health Care System working with veterans with severe mental illness, post traumatic stress disorder, and substance use disorders. During her predoctoral internship at Springfield Hospital Center in Sykesville, MD, she worked with clients who had legal issues resulting from their mental illness. In addition to providing psychotherapy, she is well-versed in cognitive and personality assessment. Her clinical interests include psychotic disorders, reducing stigma of mental illness, resilience, and compassion-focused therapy. Beyond being a clinician, she wants to empower and advocate for her clients by exploring what is meaningful in their lives.

Dr. Melinda Douangratdy is currently licensed as a clinical psychologist in the state of California. PSY29557


Gayana Berry, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Gayana Berry is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who received her undergraduate degree in Sociology, Law and Society from University of California Irvine and her Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology with Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. Gayana gained clinical training and experience working in various community clinics/settings working with adults and adolescents struggling with persistent mental health illness, substance abuse and having psychiatric crisis issues.
Gayana’s greatest goal is help others find personal growth, instill hope, motivate them to live life to the fullest and maximize life with healthy relationships whether its relationship with self or others. Gayana works with adults dealing with anxiety, depression, dual diagnosis, trauma, and grief. Her education in family systems allows her to work extensively with couples struggling with marital problems, family relationship conflicts, divorce and blended families. Gayana believes communication is the key. She also works with teen and adolescents struggling with various issues including anxiety, depression, self-harm, trauma and suicidal thoughts.
Gayana’s clinical experience allows her to utilize blend of therapeutic approaches including Family Systems, DBT, Attachment Theory, Cognitive-Behavioral, Object Relation and Solution Focused Therapies. Gayana creates uniquely individualized treatment plan for every client to assist them in discovering their way to overcoming their obstacles and reaching their goals.

Gayana Berry is currently licensed as a marriage and family therapist in the state of California. LMFT 92530



Stacey Galvin, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Stacey Galvin is a licensed marriage family therapist with over 25 years experience in the mental health field. She specializes in working with adults and adolescents with mood disorders, relationship difficulties, low self esteem, communication problems, and codependency. Stacey’s approach is strength based and non judgmental, focusing on the individual’s unique gifts, abilities and motivations while taking into consideration their limiting beliefs and dysfunctional patterns, which can prevent them from reaching their full potential.
Stacey received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Irvine, and her Master’s degree from Chapman University and has been licensed by the state of California since 2003.

Stacey is currently licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California. LMFT40424


Saly Nasrat, LMFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

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Saly Nasrat is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist. Saly works to empower individuals to overcome personal obstacles and improve their quality of life and functioning. She takes a collaborative approach with her clients since, ultimately, they are the experts on themselves. Taking a solution focused perspective while meeting the client where they are and working for goals they desire for themselves has been a fundamental premise in the success of her therapist-client relationships. Cultural sensitivities and awareness are also important considerations Saly accounts for in all her therapeautical relationships.

The majority of her work has been with children, adolescents, and young adults with over nine years of experience with this population. Her therapeutical approaches include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Client-Centered Therapy.

She earned her Bachelors of Art in Psychology and Social Behavior with a Minor in Educational Studies at the University of California, Irvine. She, then, completed her Masters of Science in Counseling with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy.

Saly is currently licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California. LMFT88818


Colleen Saldana, MFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Colleen is a licensed marriage and family therapist who received her Masters’ in Counseling from Cal State Fullerton in 2015 and became licensed in 2016. During her studies Colleen conducted a thesis on the psychological effects of adult children of alcoholics which motivated her to further her research and practice into treating depression, anxiety, OCD, and other behavioral issues that so many of us endure daily. She is passionate about the practice of mindfulness, meditation, and whole person wellness as it can help us gain a sense of self awareness and become understanding of our body’s reaction to outside stressors and help us regain control. Colleen has worked in a variety of outpatient settings including children with disabilities and their families as well as clients with minimal to severe mental illness, substance use, struggles with self-image including eating disorders, trauma survivors and PTSD, personality disorders, and more. In addition, Colleen believes an important part of recovery is to understand our family of origin and the unconscious impact they have had on our lives and how they have helped shape who we are today. This can increase our understanding of how we feel about ourselves and our relationships. Colleen believes it is important to have compassion for everyone while withholding judgment to create a safe environment where one can increase motivation and readiness to move forward in life.

Colleen utilizes a psychodynamic and whole patient centered approach to help clients understand deep routed feelings in order to resolve them, increase hope and self-awareness, and the ability to challenge themselves to achieve a better quality of life.

In addition, Colleen has lead several groups such as SMART RECOVERY, al anon, mindfulness, co-occurring disorders, yoga, and art therapy. Colleen also has 3 plus years working with local jails and Psychiatric hospitals working to rehabilitate clients that may require extra support and has an empathic understanding of mental illness and addiction. Her patience and understanding of a variety of illnesses, disorders, and the everyday pressures of normal life allow Colleen to work with a wide variety of clients and the ability to build healthy and trusting therapeutic relationships.

Colleen is currently licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California. LMFT102218


Ryan Siva, MFT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


Ryan Silva is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist that received his MA from Alliant International University in 2014. Ryan completed his undergraduate education at University California Irvine. Ryan gained his clinical training and experience working in various settings working with adults, adolescents, children and their families struggling with mental illness. Ryan works with adults dealing with a variety of issues. He specializes in working with adults and adolescents with mood disorders, relationship difficulties, low self esteem, and communication problems. Ryan takes a non judgmental approach and believes that everyone has their own story to tell that makes them unique.

Ryan is currently licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of California. LMFT105389


Van Nguyen, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Workert


I strive to empower individuals and children to overcome their personal struggles in life. I am especially passionate about women’s issues and have done tremendous work with women of varying ethnic groups and social economic background. My love for children also leads me to continuously strive to be an advocate to help enhance their wellbeing.
I believe our inner relationship with one’s self and others is critical to helping us live a happy and thriving life.
As a licensed clinical social worker, I use clinical testing and evidence-based interventions. I offer individual therapy for anxiety, depression, trauma, adoption issues, change of life, spiritual counseling and finding one’s purpose in life. I graduated from Grand Valley State University in 2005 with a Master’s of Social Work. I am a mother of two loving and active boys ages 9 and 6. I enjoy playing golf with my children, cooking and volunteering.

Van is currently licensed as a Clinical Social Worker in the state of California. LCSW63588